Runner’s Burnout…yep its a real thing

Yep, folks that’s what I have alright, runner’s burnout. I don’t even have it just a little bit! I have full-blown, I have no desire to run ever again because running sucks burnout!

How did this happen you might ask? How did an avid runner come to the conclusion that she never wants to run again? The answer is simple. I have no freaking clue! I signed up with a running coach last June with the intention of learning how to run. I mean, I was doing the Galloway method of running and I wanted to learn how to just run. It was all going so well. I was upping my milage, I was running without stopping, and I was doing well. I was super excited to do my marathon at Disney in January. Then things changed.

We began running 5 days a week. Different variations of running but just running. There was no cross-training, no different activities, just running. I started to HATE the idea of getting out of bed for ANOTHER run. Running started to become like the job I never wanted and didn’t realize I had! Don’t become a victim of this unfortunate disease.

Runner’s burnout is a real thing! However, there are steps you can take now to avoid this. Thankfully, you don’t need Sarah McLachlan to sign a sad song overtop of your story or any other celebrity begging for money to help you. Check out this super helpful graphic from to help you figure out if you are on your way to a Runner’s Burnout and how you can stop it in its tracks!


Don’t be like me! Find the fun and remember to enjoy your run! Find a friend, take a break, learn to do something else in addition to running. You too can have fun again!

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