Running has gone to the dogs!

Shelter dogs that is! So I work for a local shelter and have been working for the last few months to start up a running program for our larger and/or higher energy dogs. This morning my shelter manager and I took 2 dogs on a test run. Figure out what direction is the most stimulating, which collars work, what we need, etc. So I figure I’ll introduce this morning’s running partner Tye:

Big Ear Tye is up for adoption. Email me if you would like details!

We call him Big Ear Tye cause there are 2 dogs at the shelter with that name and the other one has a big head. So it is Big Ear Tye or Big Head Tye, lol. He pulled a good bit but I think he would find a rhythm eventually.

But that brings me onto a great topic Running with your dog! My boy Flynn has become a pretty good running partner (sorry Megan) but there are some really good tips to keep in mind when running with your dog! You should always talk to your vet before beginning a running program with your pup!

  1. Be sure your dog is full grown. 6 months for little dogs, 1 year for larger breeds

  2. Be sure to ease your dog into running. Just like you ease up your milage be sure to take it easy on your pup

  3. Be sure to hydrate your dog. Dogs don’t sweat like humans, if they start excessively panting be sure to give them fluids.

  4. Be sure to keep them on a leash. They make great running leashes so you can keep your hands free but your pooch attached

See more details here  and remember Don’t Shop, Adopt, your new running partner. Your local shelter has lots of dogs to pick from that would LOVE to be your afternoon running buddy. I know mine does!

He has his wiggles, wags, and whiskers harness on and is ready to run!

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