Setbacks and My first giveaway!

So, yesterday was a first for me. I signed up to be a 10K class mentor for our local running group. I’m actually really excited about having a reason to go out after work and help others! So we were supposed to run 2.5 miles and Jen and I took a few people that were interested in doing the Galloway method (1 min run 1 min walk). About half mile into the run my leg started to hurt with every step.

If you read a few posts back I was diagnosed with a stressed tibia. It has only been an annoying pain occasionally, but yesterday I saw stars with every step I ran. The orthotics that the doctor ordered for me came in yesterday and hopefully I can start to incorporate them into my run.

So for the first time yesterday, I realized that I needed to stop. So I told the group I had to turn around. This is the first time an injury has kept me from completing a run and it is a rough feeling. I’ll come back stronger but right now it is kind of a bummer. Guess I need to rock my new bike a little more while I heal!!

So quickly to make everyone feel better. A gratuitous shot of my favorite puppy! And then onto my first giveaway!

So freakin’ cute isn’t he???

Ok so like I said before I am a new #SweatPink Ambassador (thanks Fit Approach), which I am super excited about! So the girls at Fit Approach were nice enough to send me 5 pairs of awesome pink shoe laces! Now I don’t need 5 pairs of shoe laces, no matter how awesome they are! So I’m going to give some of them away.

This is my first giveaway so I’m going to keep it simple! Please comment below with your favorite color (doesn’t have to be pink) and why! That simple! I’ll pick a winner using one of those awesome random selectors that they have for free online! So come on folks, help make my first giveaway a good one!! You know you want to #sweatpink!! I’ll pick a winner on Friday night!!