Should you do it together?

So my hubby is super fast! Ok so he isn’t Meb or anything but he likes to train at an 8:30 minute mile. His marathon PR is 3:50 compared to my 6:50. Basically, he finishes things in half the time it takes me to finish.

I tell you that to ask you this. Should you train and race with your significant other? When he offered to run our Thanksgiving Turkey Trot with me I was excited. This would be the first race we have ever run together and his slowest 5K time ever.

It was a good to do our race together but he ended up coaching me through to the finish. Yes, I pushed myself hard and he enjoyed almost walking a 5K. He had some great notes for me and I really appreciated the company but I don’t think I will make it a regular thing at this point.

We have friends who not only do the same races but actually do the races together. They did a triathlon 2 weeks ago where he actually had a 24 minute transition time waiting for her to start the bike together.

I know another couple who walk every race together. When I knew them before they actually raced together. Now, they sign up and walk most of their races together.

One couple sets their training schedule around the kids. So he runs first and then they trade off so that she can go out for her run.


One of the main reasons I wouldn’t really run more than a 5K with him at this point is that I would feel like I was holding him back. We ran the 5K in 3 minutes under his 10K time and as much as I love him for it, I wouldn’t want to hold him back. So we settle for running the same races just not together.

What are your thoughts on running with your significant other? What does everyone else do??

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