Shut up legs!

Jens Voit said it best! I kinda hate my legs right now and every time I run I ask myself why the hell did I decide to do ANOTHER marathon. I kinda hate the marathon distance and now add shoes into the mix! At some point running becomes enjoyable and pain free…right?

So about a month ago I realized that my running form was “off”. I was at mile 4 of an 8 mile run and I knew that something didn’t feel right. Thankfully, my husband rode by not to long after and I was able to have him take a look. He said that my form looked fine but I knew something was wrong. When I got home I took a look at the bottoms of my shoes…and there it was. My shoes were bare on the outside.

Not my shoes but good image

Not my shoes but good image

Now, i’ve been told for 5 years that I was an overpronator. I had stability shoes and an insert to help with this issue. Why then, were my shoes showing the other problem? Insert my awesome coach who works for a running store. After a bunch of running and stability tests we discovered that I’m not an overpronator at all and I’ve been over correcting for a long time.


Now begins the HORRIBLE process of switching styles of shoes. Honestly, it is painful. I’m alternating shoes so my old pair without inserts and the new pair with the inserts until I’m used to them.

I’ve been a Brooks Adrenaline devotee for 5 years. That is my comfort zone. Sadly, it has a 12mm drop and is too much for my stride. So, I’m slowly transitioning to the Saucony Ride 8 that has an 8mm drop. What does all that running talk mean? It means that my calves burn anytime I run in them. Apparently, I have to let them get used to the new stride and new shoe design but it SUCKS!

The new rides!

The new rides!

I’m such an instant gratification person. I hate that I have to s-l-o-w-l-y work into these new shoes. I just want to run and enjoy it. Here’s hoping that a transition will be a good thing!

Have you ever had to switch from your favorite gear or shoe?? What did you do?

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