Sometimes it isn’t just about you anymore

Sometimes I am truly amazed at the caring and depth of my husband. I haven’t been sleeping well and I’ve been a little depressed. Between the crap at work and the injury keeping me from running I’ve just been downing on myself. I was looking at everything badly. That’s when he gave me my motivation back.

He told me I had to get back in the gym. I had to keep my fitness up and make it better. Not for myself but for my RP (Running Partner). I have 2 months to get ready to get her through her first marathon. He pointed out that I may not be the best runner but I always have the right frame of mind to help others succeed. He told me if I couldn’t do it for myself then I needed to do it for her, I needed to be her Jiminy Cricket! (apparently all I need in life it a good Disney reference, cause this totally made sense to me)

This is quite possibly the most motivational speech I have ever heard him give (it was much longer, I am paraphrasing here). He also told me that since he was faster than me it was his job to make sure I was faster than her. Cause if I can’t keep up I can’t help her. I have to be able to pull her along and not the other way around. He knows I might be able to give up on myself, but I could never knowingly give up on her!

And that was all I needed to hear. So tonight we head to the gym. Where he has promised to put me through the weights and make me run on the elliptical until my doctor can help me figure out the problems. I know I can run this race, I did it last year with less. But it isn’t about getting through it now. It is about getting her through it. And come hell or high water I will be ready for this race and she will finish, maybe even faster than I did last year!

What would you do to help your running partner succeed?

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