Starting over

Five years ago I ran my first half marathon. It was something I was super excited about. I had convinced my friend Amber that she wanted to do it with me and we had 8 months to train. The big day came and we ran Disney’s Princess half marathon. 


Now five years and 30 extra pounds later, I truly have been lacking any type of motivation to run or train. I’ve done countless 5K, 10K, half marathons. I’ve done 2 marathons and 3 triathlons. And still that fire doesn’t quite burn the same as it did that first year. I finished and was so excited to sign up again. Amber, wasn’t as convinced, although she has since run her first marathon it took her 3 more years to even do another race. Maybe she was the smart one??

I’ve been almost completely sedentary for almost 4 months. With a large job change and a major move to Florida (my first time living anywhere except Maryland in 30 years). It was easy just to stop. I had excuses. But it is hard to not want to be active in Florida. It is sunny and beautiful ALL THE TIME!

So I have rededicated myself to something that once made me very happy. Maybe I just needed a break or maybe I just needed a better goal. So I made the decision to sign up for the Mickey Marathon. It was a large goal in my past. I’ve got 2 kinda sad times to show for it. That all changes in 2016!

This year I’m going to train and train right! I’ve signed on with a pretty awesome coach who is going to get me where I really want to be!


Here’s to doing it right from the beginning. Here’s to trying harder and getting stronger. Here’s to being a better me! I just keep reminding myself to “Run like Rinny”!! Here goes nothing!


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