Sunday is D-Day

So this Sunday I am supposed to run a local 15K. A 15K is 9 miles (Sadly, I had to ask my husband how far that was, lol). I have marked this race my D-Day Race or Decision Day.

This Sunday will be exactly 1 month until my marathon in Florida.

I’ve been nursing an ankle injury due to the incompetence of my doctor. I was not given enough information, coincidently, she left the practice 2 weeks later. I am assuming she had already “checked out” during my appointment. Which doesn’t instill much faith in the medical field. I sometimes wonder if it would have been better to ignore my injury and just rested a little more, who knows!

I actively admit, due to this injury, I am not prepared for the marathon. I have been active in other fitness areas and when I do run short distances I feel great! My legs feel strong and everything flows…except my ankle…that still kinda says, “screw you”.

If I can run this race on Sunday, even slowly, I know I will be able to keep running and do this marathon! If it hurts to run on Sunday I have to make the excruciating decision to not start. I don’t want to make this decision. I’ve made promises, I’ve made goals,  and believe it or not I really want to run it!

My new orthotics came in yesterday, but I do not think 1 month is enough time to work them in before a marathon so I’m sticking with my old shoes.

Any thoughts or advice out there? My new foot Dr. says that I should be able to run it no problem, and she is a runner also. I just don’t know. I’m really doubting myself and my abilities these days.


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