That not so magical number

Ok post-marathon life is crazy. Apparently, I can’t leave work without everything exploding and then having to fix it upon my return. This also means lots more work for me. So in addition to missing 2 weeks ( 10 for vacation and 4 for the illness I came back with) I also am dealing with a whole lotta cray-cray!

However, I hit that not so magical number today. You know that number on the scale you swear you will NEVER hit and if you do then you must have some sort of problem. Well, I hit that this morning. Is it sad that the minute I saw the scale I wanted to run downstairs and eat a brownie? Anyone in my family, or that knows my family, will not be surprised by this in the slightest. I can’t help that I make really good brownies! The other night I had a chocolate craving and I made the box in the pantry. Typically, I eat one and then they get hard cause I forget to cover them and so I have no more interest. Except that this batch was slightly undercooked which means they were extra awesome so now I think about eating one for lunch everyday this week. Yea, Yea, I know I’ve found my problem!

So now in addition to the triathlon training I need to revisit (and apparently revamp) my diet. So increase the workouts and figure out how to adjust the eating without starving…that should be easy right??

Anyone out there with some tips or tricks to help me figure this out? (And please don’t say food tracking, I have follow-through issues, lol)

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