The Challenge…

5 years ago I signed up for my first half marathon . I signed up because I wanted to do something before I turned 25! I wanted to have accomplished something I thought was difficult! If you had told me then that 4 years later I would have completed 4 triathlons I would have told you that you were crazy!

My first half the Disney Princess half marathon

My first half the Disney Princess half marathon

Now that the husband has completed his Ironman race and has retired from Ironman until 2016 he has decided to become a coach. Not only to my Team Challenge team but also to me. We have looked at training plans. He has been swimming and biking with me now! And I’m excited to say that I have officially registered for my first 70.3!! It will take place 12 days after my 30th birthday (that was as close as I could get, lol).

So, this holiday season instead of partaking in eggnog and parties I will be training my little but off! And what race did I select you may ask??


70.3 baby


I made the decision earlier this month and have been letting it sink in!! I’m nervous and excited! I’m even more excited that Lauren will be joining me in my crazy decision!! However, my coach hubby believes that I can be very successful at this distance and that 2015 is my year to go for a big race!! A huge thanks to Swim Bike Mom for the great race report that finally sold me on this race over the others I was looking at!!

So DVC is all booked, the training plans are created, and now I’m looking forward to a successful olympic at the Baltimore Tri in 2 months!! So here goes nothing!!

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