The Food Challenge

So I happen to be one of those only children who decided to marry another only child. This is usually awesome cause the other understand when you just need your own time or space. We can have our own activities and our own friends. However, this can sometimes backfire. Shockingly, our largest fights tend to boil down to sharing! Share the chores, share the expenses, share stuff. Well, my loving husband threw down a challenge to me on Thursday. Apparently, I am not good at making a schedule and sticking to it. Meal planning, training schedules, anything like that. I’m sorry I’ve always subscribed to the old saying “It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind”, he does not agree.

So in an effort to be right (another constant battle for us) here goes creating a plan and sticking with it! Tomorrow I will set-up the weekly chore list, the weekly training schedule (he can insert his), and our weekly meal plan. Interestingly enough, he will find out about this on here cause he is skiing!! hehe!!

I’ll post my progress tomorrow. Hopefully, since I’m posting to the world I’ll actually have to do it!! Not just tell him to shut-up if I were to fail, which I won’t!!


Good thing Google and Pintrest are excellent resources!! If you have any good site suggestions please let me know!!

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