The glorious sound of the run

Last night I took the pup out for his last potty of the night. It was dark but it was an ideal temp for running. Then in the distance I hear that all too familiar sound. The rhythmic pound of the asphalt. Then I see him come around the corner. He had an excellent stride but all I could hear was the pounding of his feet on the ground. It was hypnotic and I wished I was running. It has been a while since I felt that longing. It got me started thinking about the Nike ad that was pitched the movie “What Women Want”. This was always a quote from a movie that rang true with me.

You don't stand in frontof a mirror before a run...and wonder what the road will think of your outfit.You don't have to listen to itsjokes and pretend they're funny.It would not be easier to runif you dressed sexier.The road doesn't noticeif you're not wearing lipstick.It does not carehow old you are.You do not feel uncomfortable...because you make more moneythan the road. And you can call on the roadwhenever you feel like it,whether it's been a day...or a couple of hourssince your last date.The only thing the road cares that you pay it a visitonce in a while.So will you pay the road (or the gym) a visit today? I know I will! Happy Motivation Tuesday!

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