The joys of virtual running

What’s a girl to do when she’s had to take most of the year off of running and doesn’t feel likes she’s fit or fast enough to join the local groups just yet? Or that’s its kinda cold out and she doesn’t like to run in the cold?

She Zwift’s! Yes that’s right, I’ve talked about it here before and I’m back to tell you I’m all in on the bike and run with zwift! I can join friends for a run and not have to worry about being left behind. Or, I can go for a nice jog in the comfort of my own family room regardless of the weather!

Oh yea! Underwater course!

When Bibrave offered me the chance to join everyone and train on Tuesdays for a Virtual Turkey Trot I jumped in! Group runs with no pressure! I turned it up on Tuesday’s at 6:30pm every week and the group added the nice touch of accountability! Then came the Turn it up Turkey Trot 5k!

I’m excited to say that thanks to Bibrave and Zwift I completed my first full 5k of the year!

Not my best 5k time but I’m slowly getting back there! So what are you waiting for? Grab a pod from Zwift and join me for a run/walk soon!

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