the little things add up

So since we really got into triathlons last year and have upped our games this season I’ve been making a list of all the things I need to stock up on for races. I’m actually in the process of making boxes of specific items that will travel with us to races (post on that coming soon).

Yesterday, I came across a really great blog called it is a group of women who have been blogging about being sherpawives (basically) to their Ironman husbands. It is chock full of great ideas and helpful tidbits for those of us new to the sherpa game. Be sure to check them out. However, I got into a convo with them on twitter and they asked me “What was my best sherpa tip so far” It was a no-brainer for me. A simple magnetic dry erase board.


This little board is stuck to our fridge! Jon goes through food now more than ever. I mean he used to eat like a 12 year old boy in puberty but with Iron training it has gotten worse. Add to it the fact that we are vegetarian it is amazing the grocery bills! However, that little board has been a god-send. Every time he finishes something in the fridge he adds it to the board. If he needs/wants something specific for lunches or snacks or fueling it goes on the board. No need to hunt him down to ask what he needs this week it is always there.

Remember when it comes to your sanity and getting through Ironman season (and your own training if you are like me) it is the little things that truly make the difference!! Now, time to go get my run in!!

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