The MDot is not a mark of quality

ok, so this past week Beachbody announced a partnership with IRONMAN.


Now, I know the product is a decent product. I think the Beachbody workouts are solid workouts. I have the 21 day fix, P90X and Insanity and think they are awesome. I’m sure these are good products. However, I’ve seen many friends who are coaches or use the products posting this with a statement in the vein of “now I know these are solid products because of this partnership”.

Adding a IRONMAN logo or an MDot to a product does not make it a good product. This has not received some sort of magical health or fitness approval. Let’s make something very clear here…

BEACHBODY PAID TO HAVE THAT LOGO ON THEIR PRODUCTS! They paid a TON for use of the logo. They also paid a crap-ton to call themselves the “official sports nutrition supplement”just like any “official” of any sport.

IRONMAN did not vet this product. They did nothing other than seek out a monetary sponsorship for the brand. They could care less that it is a Beachbody product or if it was made from “nuts and bolts inc”. As long as a company can pony up the money they can buy the category (or make up a category) of sponsorship!

Please for your health and fitness goals decide if a product is right for you and your goals not if it has some arbitrary logo on the label!

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