The new holiday struggle

So since we moved to Florida we have been making plans to return to both our homes for the holiday season. My company is super awesome and I am off from now through New Years, so I don’t have to go back until January 4! YAY long holiday and I’m excited to come home after a few days back and just RELAX!


One of my favorite parts of Christmas is the giving of gifts. Don’t get me wrong I love getting them also but I really love taking the time to pick out the perfect gift for those people closest to us. But aye there is the rub! We now have to travel by plane home.

Thankfully, the magic of Amazon Prime I was able to ship a lot of our selected gifts to my mom and I’m pretty sure she even wrapped some of them. However, it is much harder to keep track of what you have bought and what has come in when you never actually see it.

Tonight I’m wrapping the gifts we bought down here and working to figure out exactly how to tetris them into a suitcase to get back to Maryland. I think I’m pretty good to go but I may pack a miscellaneous blanket just to try and cushion the blows of travel.

Anyone done the holiday travel game and have some tips or tricks?

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