The Orange Theory Mindf*ck


Ok, I’ve been doing Orange Theory about 3x a week now for 4 weeks. I love it! However, on Sunday I decided it was a total mindf*ck and I confirmed that last night! Why you might ask? Thank you, I shall explain!

Running wise I am a run/walker. This really doesn’t compute for Orange Theory. You are either a power walker, a jogger, or a runner (10mm or less). I was falling into a zone between the power walker and the jogger. Normally, when I had run on the treadmill I was usually at a 3.5 – 4.

4 weeks ago I took my first class. My base pace (easy pace) was a 3.5 on the treadmill. That’s what I needed to get into the “green zone”. NOW I need to be at a 4.5 (which is firmly in the jogger territory) in order to reach my base pace. 4 weeks ago my “all out” (max effort) pace was a 5.8. NOW it is a 7.4. Which last night I had to do 0.5 miles on the treadmill at a 7.4 effort. I HAVE NEVER DONE A 7.4 SPEED ON THE TREADMILL!!

Now, what you are saying is, “stop complaining you are totes getting better” and yes I am! Where I get to the Mindf*ck part is I don’t know if my body can handle me to push harder or if my mind is simply confused by the speed on the treadmill. Could I go longer and further at the pace? Am I simply clinging to an arbitrary number on a treadmill to dictate my abilities? YES, YES I AM! Was it hard, yes. Was it uncomfortable, yes! Could I make it work, YES!

Yet, another valuable lesson learned at the Orange Theory. I am waaaay to dependent on what I THINK my numbers should be instead of just pushing myself.

This post is in no way sponsored I just love the class (not saying that I would turn down a free month or some sweet gear, just sayin)! You should check one out in your area at

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