The power of Thank You


This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately. I’ve been feeling pretty unimportant at work lately and I realized it is because no one today ever says “thank you”. Thank you for going that extra mile to help out, thank you for working so hard, thank you for helping me even when you have a crap ton to do yourself.

Then, I do this amazing event and everyone is saying “Thank you for an amazing experience”, “thank you for doing such a good job”, etc etc and I honestly don’t know how to accept the thank you or the compliment. Am I insecure to not want to take credit for my hard work or is it that we are so used to not hearing thank you that we forget how to receive one?

Mostly, I know that my events wouldn’t happen without the amazing people that are there making it happen and I hate taking credit for a team effort. I know I was the supervisor of the event but it was a team effort and everyone should get the credit, not just me! I said thank you to all of my crew, and vendors, and athletes yesterday.

My goal, is to not only tell more people thank you for things but to also learn that it is ok to accept the thank you.

#thankyou #thankful