The Shin’s the thing

So yesterday in the mail I received my Zensha ankle sleeve. My hope was this would help with my run. Since my new orthotics came in yesterday as well they went hand in hand. I did 2 miles and only had minimal pain.

When I finished I iced my ankles for about an hour and then did some pretty painful foam rolling. After some internet research and some other runner suggestions, I headed to Fleet Feet Annapolis today at lunch time. I was looking for compression leg sleeves. Hopefully, this would help with the shin splints I have been having. Well, not only did I get the compression sleeves I also got a whole lot of GREAT information! I have decided to share it with you here, in hopes that it will help someone else!

The nice man sold me on CEP compression sleeves. Apparently these are medical grade and they definitely felt great when I had them on. I think they will help during a run nicely. He explained to me that their design helps to pump blood upwards to assist in circulation, in addition, to helping keep the muscles/tendons steady. So, if you are in the market try these out:


Next, once we started talking about shin splints, he showed to me the Runner’s Remedy Shin Splint ice packs. These fun toys wear just like the above compression socks, after you are finished running. That handy pocket in the front on the shin, that holds the ice pack in place. So no sitting and hoping it doesn’t melt everywhere or not being able to move. I can’t wait to try these out after my run tomorrow!


Finally, we talked about foam rolling. Now, I already do this and yes it is painful. However, he showed me a great product from TP Therapy. It appears to be a smaller more targeted version of a foam roller. The awesome salesman even showed me how to use it. Yes, I got to make the pain face in the middle of the store, but it was awesome! Sadly, this item starts at $109 for the kit and I just didn’t have it (SPCA here people no money’s for such luxuries, lol). However, this is now on my must have list! It also comes with this ball that you roll under your foot. Currently I use a tennis ball but I feel like this would give more than the tennis ball.


So that was my lunch trip to Fleet Feet! So glad they took the time to talk to me and explain everything. Explain things in a way that didn’t make me feel A)stupid or B) like an uninformed runner. Hopefully, these tools will help others looking for products to help with their shin issues!

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