The Weekly Chase

So while reading some twitter posts I came across one from fellow blogger Mindy. She was re-starting her weekly chase. After going to the blog that started this and learning more about it, I wanted in. So I’m joining The Weekly Chase.

So here are my goals for the week:

Goal #1Run at least 2 miles everyday! As part of the Runners World Holiday streak I need to run 1 mile but to start increasing my milage I’m going to do 2 miles everyday. This gives me 14 miles this week!

Goal #2 – Go to the gym 3 days this week. I need to get in swimming and weights and since we have a treadmill in the basement I can usually convince myself to stay home.

Goal # 3 – Pack my lunch for work. I have a nasty habit of being bored with my lunch. So I’m going to force myself to eat it anyway!

Ok, I like having 3 goals to start with. Manageable and reachable!

What goals are you chasing this week?

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