There’s no I in team

And I mean really I and not part of a team. I sometimes feel like that is the part of all this athleticness (makin up words) that is missing.

Since we’ve moved to Florida I have found that to be missing. I don’t have the gym buddy, or the close group to motivate me and apparently I am easy to “demotivate” when it is just me.

I am part of some local groups for running and triathlon but I’m either too slow or too fast to be involved. I end up running along. And let’s be honest, what’s the point in getting up early if you are going to be on your own anyways. Might as well sleep in! They are also so large that I kinda feel like I get lost. Let alone the stupid politics that come along with large groups like that.

Now my plan is to start going to the gym at a more consistent time and try to find a gym buddy. Good grief making friends as an adult is hard! I like having people to do things with. I like celebrating accomplishments (both others and my own). What I really miss though is that team environment.

I’m hopeful that I can get that back one day, be part of a team again. For now, I just need to find ways to motivate myself (ways that don’t include cookies)!