Thoughts from a 15min miler


Today the coach had me running 60 minutes progressive run. Which means I had to start off slow and have each lap get faster. So I went out with the hubby to join our local run club for the Saturday morning run. I had to do 60 minutes; He had to do 6 miles…same time frame!

This was the first time with the group that I headed out and basically started off alone. I started with 2 people but they were faster than I was. So, since it was just me and my thoughts, I made mental notes to share later. So here goes:

.5 miles – Why is there an overpass on this trail. I have to climb mountain at a half mile in. This is crap! I really need to get one of those hat flashlight thingy’s. I shouldn’t have to climb in Florida. Florida is supposed to be freaking flat. I didn’t even run the Navy bridge this is BS!

1 mile – I’m a mile in and I’m not dead. I do, however, feel like I’m swimming. How is it 80 degrees already the sun isn’t even out! Lap Time – 15:19

1.5 miles – Running is hard. Running slow is hard. All these people go bouncing past me looking like they are enjoying themselves. “yeah, yeah, Hi, good morning, thanks for checking that I’m still alive”

2 miles – YAY turn around. This is why I hate 5K’s. It takes me 3 miles to warm up and start enjoying my run. Lap time – 15:25, CRAP this is not getting faster. I’m supposed to do each mile faster. How the hell am I going to run a marathon in January.

2.5 miles – That sounds like the boy (turns head) DAMNIT that is the boy. Not only is he doing more miles but he is still going to beat me back to the car. And he’s got a whole pack of other bouncy, happy, runners. I’m just plodding along and they look like they are freaking floating! Something feels funny on my thigh, damn it I bet I’m chafing.

pic 2 copy

Top of the overpass. Hello Mr. Sun!

3 miles – Why is the 3 mile mark half way up this stupid overpass. If I walk now it will make my lap time look bad. KEEP RUNNING! YAY Lap pace – 15:11, that was faster than the last 2 so technically it counts right. Ok I’m walking the rest of the way up this stupid overpass. Yea, that is totally chaffing on my thigh, that is going to burn in the shower.

3.3 miles – CRAP, I forgot to turn my watch back on after that quick stretch.

3.8 miles – I’m feeling good. Why do I have to stop after the hour. Stupid self I’m going to need to keep going so I can hit the 60 minute mark. I will not stop till my watch says 60 minutes.

3.96 miles – ok well it would be 4 miles but the watch says 60 minutes so I’m done. Lap Pace – 14:05, WOO HOO! That is much quicker than 15. Goal of run complete! Why can’t my legs think running starts at 3 miles instead of needing a 3 mile warm up!

Walking to car – It is far too hot in Florida. How is it that my fat hasn’t just melted off me this point. Time to crank the A/C!

pic 1 copy

Some much needed hydration in the A/C filled car!!

What are your thoughts while running?

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