Time for a little change

If you've been following me for a bit you will notice that things look a little different. I created Miles of Sunshine 6 years ago when I started running in Florida. It was a name that inspired me while running one day and it stuck. Cause this Yankee really enjoyed running in all the sunshine and warmth of Tampa!

Fast forward, my goals and motivations, and state (we are back in MD) have changed. It just felt like something more was needed. I'm loving doing more with social media, podcasting, and even youtube! Even the hubs has talked about doing some posts and such on his Ironman journey this year. So welcome to my new and improved site! Tetering on the Edge!

I'll be sharing info on my journey back to half marathoning. I"ll be doing my first half marathon in 4 years in June at the Old Port half! Before that, I'll be joining my stepsister at my first powerlifting competition! Periodically, you will see Jon posting about his Ironman journey in 2022 to Lake Placid.

So give me a follow! Let me know what you are training for!

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