To race or not to race

So technically I’m signed up for the Disney half marathon this Saturday. However, I’m majorly on the fence about actually doing it. I’ve done this race multiple times so it isn’t new or anything.

There are a couple reasons to my thinking:

1. You have to get there at like 4am for a 5:30a start (or 6:30a for my corral) and they are saying the starting line temperature is going to be 30 degrees. Dark and cold…I don’t like either!

2. I am seriously undertrained. This is not my goal race. My goal race is actually in 2 weeks and I’m a little afraid I could injure myself. I’ve run races untrained before but with a goal race coming up do I really want to risk it?

3. I’m running alone. Ok, so Jenny amazingly offered to let me join them but it’s a weird math of paces and she may bail cause she doesn’t feel well. So which is worse for me getting up early and DNF or just not starting and staying in bed?

I know I’m a weird runner in the fact that I’m considering skipping a race completely. I’m like 85% no and 15% maybe right now. I’m still gonna pickup my packet today so I have the option.

What would you do?

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