Training Tuesday – planning


Maybe its not a marathon but it works!

So my plan this summer is to run a faster 5K. My 5K PR is 36:00 and I want to do better than that. The last 5K I ran was 39:00 so I’m going to try to cut 4 minutes off my last time!

The hubby is a coach, which sounds great except he can’t coach me. I say this to save our marriage. However, I went out on a limb and asked him for help. I’ve been doing Orange Theory and I needed to figure out how to incorporate it into my running schedule. I found a good Galloway plan and he helped me to figure out which days I could Orange Theory, which days I needed to rest, and which days to run!

He then went on a tirade of just run! My problem is that I don’t run enough. So that is what we are going with. Run more, train more, recover more, sit around less. Anytime it says speed work I’m doing and Orange Theory class. Anytime is says XT I’m going to power walk or cycle at my Orange Theory class. If it says run then I’m going to run. This should give me 5 days a week of workouts!

What’s everyone else planning?

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