Transformation Thursday – the difference a year makes

Last Thursday I was in Disney. I was chilling in my hotel room waiting for friends to get ready to go to dinner. I pulled up my time hop and a photo showed up from my marathon last year.

I remember taking this picture and being super jazzed to run my marathon 3 days later. I had been training and I knew it was going to be slow (I was hoping for an average of 14-15 minute miles) going but here we are. I also remember trying to tackle WAY too much. I wanted to get faster, I wanted to run a marathon, I wanted to lose weight. I was contemplating running races and triathlons. I was tackling A LOT! I also had a super stressful and unpleasant job. Too many not good layers here.

Fast forward a year later, and I have zeroed in on specifics. I realized that I need to focus on 1 maybe 2 things and that is it. I decided to losing weight and running. I figured that maybe losing weight and just running might lead to becoming a better runner. No more triathlons, no more marathons, no more super crappy job. I’m excited to say that I hit my first goal of 175lbs and yes, I’m averaging a 12:30 – 13:30 minute mile now for my runs. I was so excited to head to Disney for my half marathon!

Here’s the thing though. My parents blessed me with good self-esteem. Yea, I know that isn’t really a thing. However, when it comes to weight loss, I saw the number on the scale but not in the mirror. I was horrified when I hit 200lbs and how clothes fit but I never looked in the mirror and had a problem. It really wasn’t until Thursday when I saw the 2 pictures side-by-side that something clicked.

I mean I feel WAY better. I’m learning to enjoy better foods (damn you Reese Bells but hey it was Christmas) but I’m really learning portion control and meal planning. I still eat things I enjoy eating but in better forms.

I’m onto the next weight loss goal. The next goal is 155lbs so 20 more pounds. However, I feel like I’m doing it right this time. I totes over ate this weekend being a Disney, and that is ok. I remember trying to find a balance and when I got on the scale this morning, I had lost half a pound.

For once I’m excited to keep working on both the weight loss and the running. I’m enjoying finding balance and structure. I’m looking forward to creating a training plan and seeing how it goes! The first 2 goals are specific and measurable:

  1. Get to next checkpoint of 155lbs

  2. Run 3 days a week

Here’s hoping that I can hit goal 2. I sometimes have a problem motivating myself out the door in the AM! So here’s to the goals, the new things, and the new year!

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