“Tri”ing again


There is a lot of stuff happening and getting started in my life. Some of which I can talk about and some of which I can’t just yet.

I’ve been working for the last year on improving my run times. I’m getting better and getting faster (stupid Florida heat aside) and I’m happy with my improvements. However, I’m always one that does better with a goal. With that in mind I decided to go back to something that has plagued me for a few years. The Olympic distance triathlon!


Back in 2014 I decided to grow from the sprint distance and try out the Olympic distance. It didn’t end well. I tried the Baltimore Triathlon (see race review). It was my first and only DNF race. There were a lot of elements to my failure but if I’m being totally honest I got in my head and freaked out. Rough waters, slick bike course, first wetsuit race, and cutoff times. It really wasn’t pretty.

Since then, I really shied away from real triathlons. I stuck to 1 or 2 sprints a year and I wasn’t really training for them. They were kinda fun but after each of them I was never really happy with the outcome. I mean, I did take 3 minutes off my time year-over-year at a race last year but could I have been doing better?

With that, I decided that it is time to challenge myself again. Starting with what really scares me. I’ll be challenging myself with the Rev3 Williamsburg olympic race.


So, here goes the journey! 11 months of getting geared up and ready to TRI! Here goes nothing!