Try It Triathlon First timers clinic

It is nice to finally be able to say I am a triathlete but the journey there was by no means a small feat. However, the Tri-it Triathlon run by Piranha Sports is in my mind a FANTASTIC first-timers triathlon. The people were great, the course was wonderful, and everyone is SUPER supportive.

My partner in crime Megan and I got to the hotel on Saturday so we could unload, grab some lunch, and head to the packet pick-up/first timers clinic. This was great. I had attended a transition clinic with Team Fight but I was still unsure of how an actual transition would work. For instance, when you rack your bike they say to cover your number. I would have totally put it on backwards! In addition, the awesome guy running the first-timers clinic, Jeff I think, was HILARIOUS! At one point he discussed how someone would have an ugly little mermaid transition towel. Megan and I started cracking up and I was quick to point out that my towel was not ugly. (Note: Jeff had not seen my towel this was a crazy coincidence).

We then headed down to the water to get a swim in. This was my first open water swim for a race. I was happy to see that it reminded me a lot of Deep Creek Lake which I have spent the last, oh, 15 summers swimming in. It was at this point we found Jen and Emily. It was Emily’s first tri also (she is 9 and in the kids tri). We were chatting prior to getting in the water.  I wasn’t actually going to swim I just wanted to test the water. I waded in with Megan and started to turn around. When I looked back mama Jen pointed at me and yelled “SWIM NOW” and weirdly I turned around and did the kids 100 meters with everyone else. Megan made fun of me cause I got to the middle and just started looking around. I wasn’t going to get to enjoy the scenery the next day, lol.

After the swim we got the chance to walk the transition. We walked the swim to bike and the bike to run. This part I was glad to see. I wasn’t sure what my mindset would be by the time I got to the bike to run so I was happy to know at least I would go in the right direction.

I highly recommend this triathlon to those considering their first triathlon. I also recommend a first timers clinic if you can find one. It was a very invaluable experience!

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