Try It Triathlon – Race Recap

So I started writing this post and did a whole post on first timers clinics so I decided to make that a separate post and start over on my race recap!

Words can not explain how excited I am to be a triathlete. I have been bitten by the bug!

We started in the morning getting all numbered up, racked up, and ready to go. We got to watch Emily do the kids tri and all I can say is there are some little professional triathletes in the making. It kinda scared me that I could totally be smoked by a 9 year old and in a much more impressive fashion.

First up was the swim. I wasn’t as nervous about the swim as everyone else. My only goals were to not drown and not get kicked in the face. Both of these goals I succeeded in. What did scare me was that I knew the water wasn’t clear and that I wouldn’t be able to see. I did not expect the panic of not being able to see and the waves and arms and legs all around my head! I swam most of this either with my head up, on my back, or side swim. I never actually did a true freestyle swim. Although, it seemed to work since I finished in 12:40 which was quicker than my practice swims but I was quite tired!

On to transition 1. I forgot to bring an extra towel. Want to know what screwed my first transition? A freaking sock! I couldn’t get it on my foot. At one point I slipped and hit my head on my handlebar of my bike. Believe it or not I now have a bruise on my head, go figure! Once I got my sock on I was out!

T-1 bike

T-1 bike

Next up was the bike. This is the area I was worried about. I have never intentionally rode my bike for speed. So I was worried about crashing or the bike falling apart and all that good stuff. We had put cages on my bike but in the wobbly leg after the swim I couldn’t get my feet into the cages. I pulled off to the side but it wasn’t working. So I just started going a little ways past the mount, and once people couldn’t see me, I pulled off to the side and got my feet in. Then I took off. I actually had a really great ride for me! Although I need to work on learning what gears I should be in. I even passed people!! It kinda felt good! However, on the turn into the park I popped my chain and freaked a bit. I rode a ways in 1st gear and then was able to get back to where I needed to be but it took time! As I rode into the dismount I was feeling great, until I dismounted, I got on the bike with legs but apparently I got off without them. I wobbled into the transition.

Transition 2 was much better then 1. However, I got very angry at the professional lady who had just thrown her bike down and I couldn’t get mine re-racked. Once I was able to move her bike I grabbed my hat and waterbottle and took off.

Again, I think I left my legs on my bike. It felt so weird. The combo of adrenaline and swim/bike is killer. I did a silly looking run/walk for a while and downed some Honey Stingers and tried to get into a groove. Once I got about halfway I found my legs and was able to pick it up. I chatted with a fellow first-timer for the last part of the run. There was a spectator cheering in the field and I yelled that I like her bedazzled mickey shirt. She ran up for a high-five and then yelled finish strong for Mickey. Well if you know me that’s all it took! I did finish strong and felt great!


1:26:20 was my final time and I like it! A good base number! I finished my run in 23 minutes which means I was doing under a 11 min mile when I was running. So my legs felt weird cause I was running fast, which I like!!

Our finishers photo!!

Our finishers photo!!

I’ve been bitten by the triathlon bug and can’t wait for Iron Girl in August!!!

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