Trying new things

So, Jon and I made a decision that when we had folks visiting we were going to take them to try new things.

Jen, Sean, and Emily came to visit us on Friday. They were actually the first friends to see our new digs! It was great to catch up with them and since Jon and I had to work that day since they came to us we had way more time with them! We took them to our new favorite spot, the Tampa Bay Brewing Company. Craft beer, good food, good friends! It was a great Friday night! If you can’t tell by the photo Flynn was SUPER excited to have visitors!


Next up this weekend was Matt’s visit! He came down earlier in the week and we had brunch but then he spent the weekend with us! Saturday we took him to the Cinebistro (what Jon calls movies First Class) to see the new Star Trek movie (it was terrible) and hung out for the night.


Visiting the Hyatt Clearwater

Sunday was the activity day! I finally cashed my birthday present and we went Paddleboarding. I’m not sure I like paddle boarding. Strike that, I didn’t like where we did it. It is definitely a workout, my legs are killing me! I was never able to quite stand up. I think part of it was that we did it in the intercostal in Clearwater. It was a little choppy and it was easily 8 – 10 ft deep. I really didn’t want to fall in! Jon got up but then he couldn’t get back down. Matt got up once or twice. I think I’m more of a kayaker but I’d like to try it again in shallow water and build up! At least I tried it!! Here is to more fun activities around Tampa!


SUP challenge complete!

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