#TYR Swim Tuesday – normal person style

Ok so this is my easy week as next week starts my actual Olympic triathlon training. However, with all the excitement the last 2 weeks of meeting some of my tri heroes I wanted to post this! Every week my husband and I compare our swim workouts to the workout that Andy Potts posts on TYR Swim Tuesday! Let’s just say that a couple of weeks ago Jon tried to do Andy’s posted work out and failed after the warm-up.

Here’s how this weeks work-out compares:My Tuesday Swim

Easy Swim




WU: 500

MS: 500 pull w/paddles 10×50 on 20” rest

Swim easy and focus on form

Andy Potts TYR Tuesday Swim

WU: 300 Swim / 300 pull / 300 kick.

Drill: 8 x 50 as 25 single arm/ 25 build.

MS:100/200/300/400/500/400/300/200/100; r=:10;

I know it is a “recovery” week for me technically but let’s add this to the reasons I am not an olympian or a professional triathlete. But a girl can always dream right!!!

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