Week 1 challenge

Ok so I decided to try out a new class at the gym. I like classes cause someone else is telling me exactly what to do and I feel self-conscious if everyone else is working and I am not! So it help guarantee that I won’t quit mid workout. I decided to take the Group Strength Intervals class. This class involves lots of cardio done while using hand weights and weighted bars. There were times when I was actually shaking while doing the moves (I have very little upper body strength). I finished the class and wasn’t sore at all, this is not a good sign. Sure enough I woke up this morning and can barely move. Advil will be my friend today.

Anywho, it is day 2 of my challenge in week 1. Below you will see my weekly page. I decided to reward myself with Disney dollars because I have a trip coming up, that is a real motivator for me! On today’s schedule is the arms work-out and a 2 mile run! Happy challenge!!

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