Weekly Chase

Ok, I enjoy this weekly chase cause it holds me accountable! So here were last weeks goals:

Goal #1 – Run at least 2 miles everyday! FAIL – I decided to do spin class on Tuesday and completely missed Thursday! I made up for the miles on the next day but still isn’t the same.

Goal #2 – Go to the gym 3 days this week. Success! I actually went to the gym 3 times last week!

Goal # 3 – Pack my lunch for work. Success! I packed my lunch everyday last week!


Time for this week chase goals!

Goal #1 – Run 2 miles every day – I’m trying this again!

Goal #2 – Finish the Anniversary 15K. This will be my first race post injury and since October! Here goes!

Goal #3 – Decorate the house for Christmas. Sometimes you just have to have a fun goal! That and I usually wait WAY too long to decorate!

Hope everyone has fun making and meeting their goals this week!!

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