Weight Loss frustrations

I don’t know about anyone else on their weight loss journey but I am frustrated (and by anyone else I mean everyone else). I’ve followed most of the rules to get started.

1. Give up processed foods: With the exception of the occasional oven pizza, I have stopped with fast-food and microwave meals. We have been doing this for 1 month now.

2. Give up sugary drinks – I have given up soda for the last month. I’ve cheated a few times but this one was a hard one. I think this month I have had 4 sugary drinks total. Otherwise, it is water, tea, or in the AM coffee.

3. Give up sugar – ok I know Ive been bad about this one but I have cut back A LOT! We don’t keep sugary snacks in the house anymore. I think the problem I have had is ice cream. However, I’ve been eating it in moderation.

4. Increase lean protein intake – I’ve been trying hard to do the 6 meals a day but I have not been very good. My job sometimes doesn’t allow me to stop and eat. I’m going to try harder at this one! But I have added protein to my breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and at least 1 snack meal.

5. Exercise – this past week of sickness not included – I have increased to 3 -4 days a week of exercise. Including at least 1 day of weights and 1 day of cross-training.

And I have lost ZERO pounds! You would think maybe I would have lost at least 2 or 3 just on the food part alone but NOTHING! So now I think it is time to get the doctor involved. I’m going to start tracking on myfitnesspal.com starting today. So that I have the proof. I’ve been saying for years that I have a thyroid issue and they don’t listen but now I think it is time.

So if you are on myfitnesspal feel free to come find me I’m “plutogal” and join me! Hope your weight-loss journey isn’t as frustrating as mine!

How is your weight loss journey going? Any tips or suggestions?

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