What a week – a rant

Why is it that the week before you go on vacation all hell breaks loose at work?

On Saturday I ran the Baltimore Half Marathon (I promise to write a race report soon) and then had to go right from there to work a gala for work all night. Needless to say, I was exhausted by the time my head hit the pillow at 11pm.

I had my week all planned out. What needed to be accomplished on each day so that everything got done before I left. Because in addition to my normal work I also needed to prep for the events the following weekend. However, I was supposed to find out if I got, I don’t want to say a promotion, but at least a title and position change. My supervisor has been placating me since September. Well, they were supposed to talk this week and when I asked I was told “there are still lose ends” oh and my favorite “you are just so very good at what you do now”. Lesson here kids, don’t be irreplaceable or you will never be promoted.

Dear Buisnesses – how is this a good plan? All this does is make you want to look for a new job so that someone appreciates all your hard work. Then this leaves your old job without the person they find so valuable and then they have to replace the position anyways. Or, it tells you to stop trying to hard cause if everyone else isn’t trying then why should you?

So after all this fun this week a vacation is so very needed! So kids I’m off to the most magical place on Earth later this week. I truly can not contain my excitement! I’d rather leave today but alas that is not possible. Hopefully, I can leave and recharge my batteries. This will hopefully allow me to come back in much better spirits!

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