What makes a bad day better??

Normally, I would say the answer was a good workout. But I decided to workout before work so that’s a no go. Although I feel like the happy endorphins kept me from killing someone at work today, so that is a good thing!

So if you don’t have that then some happy videos can do the trick!

1) If you read yesterday’s post about the Bullfrog in a boot, go over to Andi’s page today www.bringingthesunshine.com she posted the video!!

2) Miscellaneous videos! Here are my favorites from today…

3) Believe it or not this is a pretty standard pre-run morning for Jon and I (minus the farting, lol)

4) Last but not least because this was playing in my head from Disney World (No it isn’t Small World, or even Disney)

Hope you’ve enjoyed. Let me know if you have any favorite videos today!