What’s wrong with a sprint?

Today I overheard a conversation at work and I quote “I don’t understand why women don’t just do the 70.3.Why are they so scared of it?”

I personally have NEVER done a 70.3 triathlon distance. It has nothing to do with fear and everything to do with time and desire. I did register for a 70.3 last year but due to work conflicts I had to back out. Then to be honest, I did feel the drive to tackle it. It isn’t that I can’t it is that I don’t want to. Given the tone this person used it felt pretty insulting. It was as though because my longest distance is an olympic that I am somehow “less than”.

When did we reach a point that we always had to one-up our distance to be equal to? What is wrong with just trying to do better at a distance you like? Why is it that if I run I should be trying to qualify for Boston? Or if I’m racing triathlon, why am I not trying to get to Kona?

Sometimes people just go out for the sheer exercise of it. Or the love of the sport or of a little competition. Some people find they are more motivated if they have a race scheduled. However, no one said that in order to be a “REAL” triathlete you have to do an long course race. It is ok to just show up and do a sprint, or an olympic, or maybe you just want to stick with running.

Whatever you love to do just do it! You are really working out and you are really being healthy. You can be real and not do a long course race!