What’s wrong with being a girl?

One of the things I deal with on an almost daily basis at work is those people who HATE the term GIRL. I don’t mean they dislike it, I mean they vehemently hate the word. They don’t like being called a “girl” or doing things that call them a “girl” or anything in that realm of “Girl”. I read Facebook comments, twitter comments, survey comments all about how we should be in an UPROAR about the word “Girl”.

Last Monday I sat down to watch the new CBS show Supergirl. I did this for 2 reasons. First, I love Jeremy Jordan. We saw him when he was in Newsies and I’ve been following his career since. I standby he is still the best Jack Kelly! I digress cause I could do an entire post just on him! Second, I loved the idea of a female superhero getting primetime placement. I wanted to make sure she had a great showing that first night cause I want the networks to know that female based shows have a place in prime time (also cause it wasn’t ANOTHER stupid cop show or murder show). Thankfully, it is a great show and I now have a new Monday night must watch.


Much to my immense pleasure there was a scene all about being called a “Girl”. I actually jumped up and cheered Calista Flockhart’s character. I started pointing at the screen yelling “YES! THANK YOU!!” my husband thought I was nuts until I explained it. Also, The Washington Post did a great article on this topic “Is the term SuperGirl offensive?” (check out this great article by Emily Yahr)

The dialogue on the show went like this:

Kara (a.k.a Supergirl): We can’t name her that!

Cat: WE didn’t.

Kara: Right. I’m sorry, It’s just – I don’t want to minimize the importance of this. A female superhero! Shouldn’t she be called Superwoman? … If we call her Supergirl, something less than what she is, doesn’t that make us guilty of being anti-feminist? Didn’t you say she’s a hero?”

Cat: “I’m the hero! I stuck a label on the side of this girl. I branded her. … And what do you think is so bad about ‘girl’? I’m a girl. And your boss. And powerful and rich and hot and smart. So if you perceive Supergirl as anything less than excellent — isn’t the problem you?”

BOOM (drops mic)!! Thank you Supergirl writers for tackling this right at the beginning! What makes her any less for being called a girl? Who woke up one day and decided the word woman was a better word? Is Lady ok? It isn’t like it is called Super Sweetie or Iron Honey. It is SUPERGIRL and IRON GIRL (see what i’m getting at).

Why on earth would anyone allow themselves to be defined by one word? Why does being a girl make us any “less” because of a word. IT DOESN’T! I don’t care what any haters have to say I am proud to be a strong and independent GIRL and you should be also! We give away the power to these words when we allow them to take on some arbitrary meaning.

So, here’s to the Supergirls and the Iron Girls out there rocking everything they have and everything they can be! Stop worrying about a word and just being the amazing person that you are!

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