Whatcha reading?

You ever buy books and then not really get around to reading them. I mean you have good intentions but things just get in the way? That’s how I had been with the Matt Fitzgerald running books. I bought Racing Weight and was like “I am going to do this and get super fast!” then it sat on a shelf for like a year. I also bought the Racing Weight cookbook but that one I actually used. I mean…food.


Then a couple months ago I told my running coach that I wanted to work on losing weight to help with my running. She recommended Lean Habits by Georgie Fear. Georgie also co-wrote the Racing Weight Cookbook. Made sense to me so I went and got it and boy it was so simple it was brilliant. I also joined the Facebook community and it is super supportive and run by Georgie herself!


My coach also talked with me about the fact that she uses Matt Fitzgerald’s 80/20 running method. So while I was picking up Lean Habits I also picked up 80/20 running. I like to know as much about what I am doing as possible. Now I’ll be 100% honest, I haven’t gotten all the way through the book. It is a very technical very dry book. What I’ve been doing is reading a chapter and switching books.

Then while killing time one day I popped into Barnes & Noble and saw that Matt had put out a nutrition rules for half marathon and marathon running. This I thought was awesome! I’m doing his running style and I wanted to know how to fuel properly. Basically, I’m going back and forth between the nutrition book and the running book and I’m learning a WHOLE lot!

Hey Matt – if by chance you read this could you please just make a boxed set it would be easier!

Earlier this month he put out his newest book “How Bad do you want it?”. Now I totally pre-ordered this book cause my biggest issue is not believing I can do it. Now, I haven’t had a chance to read this one cause it came in the mail and my husband promptly took it from me and is about half way through.


This book has gotten great reviews and i’m looking forward to reading it once I finish the nutrition book. Jon keeps saying that this is making his IRONMAN adventures make more sense so I’m hoping this can help me get past my mental issues when it comes to running faster. I really need to get out of my own head sometimes!

So if you check out the picture at the top you will see I have pretty much the whole Georgie Fear and Matt Fitzgerald collection! Now I’ll either be really super fast or just well read…we shall see which.

What books are you reading? Anything good?

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