When did I get old

Ok, I’m starting to realize how long ago the 90’s really were. I remember feeling like fixing things was easy. I remember taking the tower of my desktop apart and installing more memory because that’s what you had to do. Now I feel like I’m watching youtube video after video to figure things out.

It is so weird that in order to learn how these software updates work you either have to take a beginners course, which I don’t need, or self-teach using youtube videos. Or I can buy super expensive books to explain it. I’m used to the book learning but you really can’t find a lot of books available anymore thanks to youtube.

Currently, I’m trying to learn how to better utilize microsoft outlook and onenote. I just recently discovered onenote and I’m trying to learn how they all work together. And since my previous jobs mostly used gmail business I’m a little behind on the knowledge of outlook. It seems so simple but difficult at the same time.

I’m thinking about tackling all these new learning experiences the way I tackle training. Ok so I’ll actually do it, lol. List out the new technology I want to learn, plan out a way to learn them, and take to learning them. Maybe get some new certifications.

So if anyone out there has suggestions on books, videos, things to learn let’s hear em’

#learning #planning #technology