When you meet your idol

Yep, tomorrow is my last day on the job! However, I got the sendoff from whatever higher power because my triathaidol come to visit for the first time ever!! Yes, I say triathaidol and Jon asked me if that was like Pitch Perfect – you know the whole acawesome thing! Yes, yes it was!!


Yes, Rinny and TO came to the office last Friday. And because I am an ambitious freak I volunteered to help them with the live Facebook stuff! I am proud to say I didn’t freak out in front of them even once!!

I even got her to sign my PEAR SPORTS shirt! I put the shirt down and she said “OMG people actually bought this!! You are awesome!” Rinny said I was awesome, life complete!!


It is totally getting framed and going in the workout room! Jon said “If you get her to sign it you will never wear it again” and I said “Who cares!? She signed it! It will live in a place of respect forevers!”

Now, that I’ve relived my fan girl moment time to head out!! Who is your sports idol that you would totally freakout about??

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