When your body turns on you


I’ve been working hard for the last 6 months to get stronger, drop weight, and improve my running. So, it seems typical that just as I’m starting to make gains something completely flips on me.

3 weeks ago I got a head cold. No big deal right? That was on a Tuesday, by Friday I was feeling better. I felt good enough to run my 5K on Saturday. It was an awesome 5K, I would say my best 5K ever. It wasn’t a great “time” but I had so much fun and no pain! I felt strong and had a lot left in the tank. That night however I got really sick.

I’ve never had stomach pains so badly. I figured it was my head cold turning into a stomach bug. I nursed it with crackers and ginger ale but it didn’t seem to get better. I switched to Gatorade and water and that seemed to help a bit. I had to get better before my sisters wedding that Friday. I recuperated enough to go home to MD that weekend and with a bottle of pepto at my side I got through everything.

It was actually at our house signing that things took a turn. I was sitting in the chair and it felt like I had pulled my back out. On the drive home I would have sworn that’s what a heart attack feels like. Enter my Primary care doctor. Turns out it could be GERD or worse Gallstones. I’m being tested for both this week.

Its difficult because just when I was starting to make working out a routine again I get derailed. I say this because I now get this stabby side pain if I push myself too hard. Thankfully, we are moving this week so I have things to distract me but I feel like this is one of those things that isn’t going to go away soon. Time to find an alternative plan for now!

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