When your fail is a win

This month I competed in the I Race Like a Girl 250 mile challenge. It was pretty simple. Ride 250 miles in the month of August.


I knew this was going to be a challenge. The most bike miles I had ever ridden was 110 miles and that was in June when I was in peak training for Rev 3 Williamsburg. I however, appreciated the challenge. Alas, it was not to be. Some work travel and illness set me back and I couldn’t seem to catch up.


Regardless, as of today I have ridden 165 miles in August and I still have another ride scheduled for today. Currently, it is still 55 miles more than I’ve ever ridden in 1 month. I Zwifted, I went for long rides, I went for short rides. Suddenly 13 miles is a short ride!


I got a new FTP in Zwift and my speed in general has gone up. I’m enjoying all the extra time in the saddle and I’m enjoying riding in general. I love a good challenge and am a little disappointed that I won’t meet the goal on Friday.


However, I’m super excited at my progress. My cycling has gotten better and stronger. Although I didn’t meet the challenge, I gained so very much! I’m excited to tackle this challenge again in 2019 and complete it! I’m so loving be part of this amazing team!

Now, bring on the Rapha Women’s 100 next month!!

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