“Whole” Food challenge


Soooo the hubs has been a vegetarian for about the last five years now. I’ve toyed with it on and off but I would consider my self more of a Flexitarian. I eat mostly vegetarian, especially when I’m cooking at home, but I’ll order whatever I want if I’m out and about.

Now, recently, I realized we eat a lot of processed stuff. Mainly, back in June when I was diagnosed with the gut issues. It is a super easy thing to fall into. We weren’t eating meat but a lot of weekly meals came from a bag. It’s easy to think you are eating better but really you are just not eating meat.

We made the decision last week to start eating more “whole” foods. We decided to start with something attainable. The rest of August we are going to make at least 3 meals a week with nothing from a bag. In September we are going to increase that to 4 meals a week. Since lunch is usually leftovers this mainly means making dinner.

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m looking forward to learning some new, fresh, meals/recipes! Has anyone else gone processed free??

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