Why we should believe in 50 Women to Kona

As someone who is not a Professional Triathlete it could be easy to say “it doesn’t affect me so why do I care?” Or the one I see a lot is “it’s based on math an percentages” and yes the math is an easy excuse to use but not totally valid.

To me, this is important because my little sister shouldn’t have to still be fighting for equality in sport when she is my age. We should be showing our sisters/daughters/nieces/etc that women should play sports. Women should try to go into professional sports, if that’s what drives them! As much as we say that women can be scientists, or mathematicians, or engineers! We can also say that women can be professional athletes! Not just Olympians but Professional Athletes!

You can also say “Well Ironman has Women for Tri” but let’s be honest, if you think that is anything more than a way to drive up sales for Ironman races you are crazy. I say this because I worked there, I know how much even the people in charge of running that program “care”. Please do not confuse this with the Women for Tri board, they are making a difference and they really are inspiring more women to get involved but they can only do so much/affect change so much when they are volunteering for a for-profit company.

We need to get companies to pay attention not only to women in triathlon but women in all sports. We need to start watching and supporting women’s sports on TV and live at games to show their value! Companies and sponsors won’t value women in sports until we do! Once the companies and sponsors see value than the governing bodies of the sports will have to notice. Until then, our sisters/daughters/nieces/etc will continue to have to fight! Which side are you on?

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