Why you should join a club

A while back I posted about how to tell if you should “switch tri clubs” because we were unhappy with the club we had joined and were thinking about joining a different one. Now, since most clubs cost money you don’t want to just jump around, unless you have that kinda money then good for you!

When we moved to Tampa I knew the best way that we were going to meet new people and make new friends was going to be by joining running and triathlon clubs. I did an extensive amount of research because in Tampa there are a lot of options. We were looking for something that would be dedicated to training but also have a social aspect. As we learned back in Maryland there were a lot of elitist clubs where I wasn’t fast enough to really be there. In some cases, we found that they didn’t do anything and we didn’t understand the point of being involved.


For running we found a fantastic team in Run Tampa. Actually, I even found my coach through there, and my running is looking better everyday! For triathlon, we joined the St. Pete Mad Dogs. To be honest, it wasn’t what we were looking for at all. However, a few weeks ago we joined the Outspokin Multisport Team and it has been amazing. These teams have taught me so much about my training and including others!

So do your research, ask questions, and find the club or team that works for you! It could make all the difference in your training (and your mood)!!