You wanna streak??

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I’ve been off from running, docs orders, for about a month. So why not come back strong!

Our Bibrave crew has teamed up with Strava for a month long, 1 mile a day streak!

I’m not usually a streak person. I’m terrible at doing something everyday. I apparently have commitment issues. HOWEVER, I signed up for this and my other Bibrave pro pals can see my commitment on the strava group page every day! I’ve doubly messed up this month cause I’ve signed up to ride 250 miles with my tri team so 31 running miles in

You can still join us today! Come on over to Strava  and get your run or walk on! Maybe you can rock 3 miles today to get caught up!! 


So what are you waiting for?? Head over to Strava (it’s free so no excuses) and join us cause you have no reason not to and every reason to do it!

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