Zooma Annapolis

So on Sunday I ran the Zooma Annapolis 10K. I really enjoy this race because it as great swag and I don’t have to get up super early to run since it is in my backyard!

So this race season I have been really focusing on my triathlon training. I think I’m moving out of the whole running thing. I can’t say I ever really loved it. I think I did it mostly for the social aspect. With triathlons there is a social aspect but in racing it is all your own. You don’t really hang out with anyone while you are doing it. This is a long winded way of saying I completely forgot I had signed up for this 10K race.

2 weeks or so before the race my friend Amber was nice enough to remind me. Let’s just say that before this race my longest run has been 4 miles (I’m training for a sprint tri). Either way I was determined to do the race.

Amber and I had a good time. Solid 1:1 intervals with a good time of 1:25:00. Not my fastest 10K but I had fun! However, I have royally messed up my achillies. To the point where it is kinda hard to bend it. I’ve now been following all the rest/ice/heat/rest that they suggest and it is doing better. However, being an overpronator and having had this issue before I should know better than to ramp up my distance so quickly!

But I got some good swag and my new flowers from Fellow Flowers. So all and all a good time!!

zooma 10K

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